Modular conservatories

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Our modular rooms, just like our custom conservatories, are manufactured to the highest standards of construction, aesthetics and elegance.

Choose between any one of our seven beautiful and unique design styles and a wealth of interior and exterior options to make a modular conservatory that is perfect for your house and lifestyle.

The Norfolk

The single pitched roof of The Norfolk adapts well to most homes. The roof pitch is variable and can be designed to match the host structure, and blend with existing roof lines. The ridge falls below second floor windows.

Classic Lean-To Conservatory

The Cambridge

The gable roof of the Cambridge is a timeless design that integrates attractively with a broad range of architectural styles and periods, and can be embellished by the addition of ornamentation.

Modular Gable End Enclosure

The Cheshire

The hip roof makes The Cheshire (Georgian Conservatory) a true classic. A wealth of design possibilities come from varying the roof pitch and base dimensions. Dramatic interiors are achieved by decorative collar ties, consistent eave heights, and multiple rafter lines.

Modular Hip Roof Conservatory

The Canterbury

One of the most dramatic shapes, The Canterbury (English Victorian Conservatory), offers a unique floor layout—especially when sited as a freestanding octagon. Its angled corners combine with other conservatory elements such as a lantern roof for drama and intrigue.

Octagon Victorian Conservatory

The Stratford

The Stratford double hip roof allows installation on homes with limited common wall heights. Specialty eave mouldings and gutter options can relate the conservatory to the existing architecture, or set it apart.

The Stratford Conservatory Bump-Out

The Yorkshire

The Yorkshire, with its interesting double hip rafter configurations, accents most architectural designs. The corner bays are a prime location for doors for traffic flow, and operable windows for ventilation.

The Yorkshire Glass Enclosure

The Buckingham

The radius of The Buckingham emphasizes a softly curved elegance. This shape works nicely in combination with other configurations such as extended bays.

Radial / Circular Conservatory